NY Bankruptcy Is Proud to Announce the Official Launch of the New Website

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NY Bankruptcy Is Proud to Announce the Official Launch of the New Website


The legal team, at NYBankruptcy.com is proud to announce the official launch of NYBankruptcy.com.

The goal is to deliver to the people the protection the government has already provided under bankruptcy law

The financial burden borne by the everyday man and woman can be crippling. Americans turn to the government for assistance and protection when in a situation that cannot be managed. The people look to the law for these rights and protections as taxpaying citizens. Make no mistake, people are entitled to rights and protection under the law in this country. One of the most important areas of law is bankruptcy.

Unfortunately, the word “bankruptcy” has taken on a negative meaning. The legal team at NYBankruptcy.com prefers to present bankruptcy as the “fresh start”. Simply, Bankruptcy is the beginning, the chance to start over. More important, most important, people do not need to lose everything to start over. NYBankruptcy.com is the source for how to obtain the “fresh start”.

“Every day people speak about the Right to Free Speech or the Right to Assemble. People never talk about their financial rights. People pay their taxes everyday. NYBankruptcy.com wants them to know what those taxes are paying for.”

The creditors know their rights. They know that they can call on a weekend or send another letter. They know that they can use different color paper and scare the individual. They know they can call the workplace or the family member. But the people do not know their rights. The people do not know how to defend themselves. The people do not know how to regain their power. The people do not know they are protected under the law. NYBankruptcy.com is going to change that. NYBankruptcy.com was founded on the principal that the individual is entitled to protection and progress and…NYBankruptcy.com is going to teach them how.

The individual can get rid of credit card debt. The individual can get rid of medical bills. Most people know this about filing for bankruptcy (if not NYBankruptcy.com will teach). But most people do not realize the power of the law. The power to silence the telephone calls. The power to stop the lawsuits. The legal team at NYBankruptcy.com is going to show how to stop the foreclosure proceedings. NYBankruptcy.com will show how to save the home, keep the car, keep the retirement funds and continue living while shedding the impossible burden of debt. Of course, each case is different, but that is part of NYBankruptcy.com’s purpose. Bankruptcy is not a boilerplate. The individual is not another face in the crowd. And despite what the creditors say and how they proceed: the individual is not a number.

NYBankruptcy.com is the tool of the people to learn their rights, stop the harassment and grasp the “fresh start”.

“Money problems break up marriages. Money problems crush the individual. NYBankruptcy.com is not the solution. The government already provided a solution. NYBankruptcy.com is the beacon. Here to show the people that they have rights. Here to help the people assert their rights.”

Visit NYBankruptcy.com now for a guide to a healthier financial life and a fresh start for tomorrow.

About NY Bankruptcy:
Our firm combines thirty years of experience in bankruptcy, asset transactions and debt management. Unlike other “general practice” law firms we do not handle all types of legal matters that come through our door. Rather, we specialize in bankruptcy law, debt relief and creditor management so that we are able to provide you, our clients, with the best possible representation. When it comes to your financial well-being you want an attorney whose primary area of practice is your primary area of concern.

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