What Does It Cost to File for Bankruptcy in Long Island

How To Approach Bankruptcy in New York & Long Island
March 9, 2016
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March 31, 2016
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What Does It Cost to File for Bankruptcy in Long Island

What Does It Cost to File for Bankruptcy in Long Island


You should no sooner ask someone’s opinion on your outfit over the phone than to ask an attorney to quote you a price over the phone.  Each bankruptcy filing is different and unique.  The idea that an attorney would charge the same legal fee for your bankruptcy filing as for someone else’s bankruptcy filing as a general rule should be disconcerting.  A bankruptcy fee should be based on your specific case and not a ploy to get you into the office.

For example: A potential bankruptcy debtor calls a law office and expresses a need to file for bankruptcy.  The attorney speaks with the debtor for sixty (60) seconds before hearing “How much will this cost me?”

Consider the following:

  1. The attorney has a sum total of sixty (60) seconds with which to form a comprehensive opinion about this case;
  2. The potential bankruptcy filer is more concerned with the cost than with whether or not the bankruptcy should be filed;
  3. The relationship between the attorney and the client is completely removed.

Let’s consider each of these separately.  The attorney is forced into a position wherein he or she must determine the cost of a complex legal matter based on sixty (60) seconds of interaction with a new client. There is no way, literally no way, an attorney can begin to review a case over the phone, let alone in sixty (60) seconds.  NYBankruptcy.com will never make a judgment about your matter, your business, your personal life based on a sixty (60) second call.

More importantly, why would you ever want that?  Most people will not buy a pair of shoes without trying the same on in person.  Do you really want an attorney that is willing to make a judgment call on your case without reviewing it?

With NYBankruptcy.com you will have the opportunity to consult with an attorney who will take the time to review your case.  That consultation will be free.  Let me express that again, your first consultation will be free.  There is no requirement and no attachment.  So, you can stop worrying about how much a bankruptcy filing will cost and start learning about your individual case.

In addition, you will sit with and discuss your matter with an attorney that may well become your attorney.  The relationship between the client and the attorney is sacred and one of the most protected under the law.  We are all familiar with “the attorney-client privilege”.  That whatever you tell your attorney may not be divulged.

Avail yourself of the attorney-client privilege.  Meet with your attorney.  Your life is worth more than negotiating a fee before you understand your case.
NYBankruptcy.com is here to help.