Is Bankruptcy For Me?


Filing bankruptcy is never an easy decision. However, when done properly, a bankruptcy filing provides debt relief under federal protection. Your bankruptcy filing is a part of your financial well being. The
decision to file bankruptcy effects yourself and your family and you deserve an attorney who knows how to manage your creditors, protect your assets and guide you through the process. You deserve an attorney who knows the law and understands your situation. You need an attorney you can trust. An attorney that can manage your case. Call (877) 594-4692, your debt free life is about to begin..


Unfortunately, many people do not take action to protect themselves from creditors until there is an immediate danger. The fear of creditors and the anxiety associated with not being able to pay one’s bills often causes that person to ignore the problem rather than addressing it. As a result, an individual may find themselves on the very verge of losing their home to a foreclosure sale or losing their bank account proceeds to a judgment. You may even find yourself with a levy against your paycheck. Imagine working all week to find out that 10% of your income was taken by a creditor. This doesn’t have to be the case.We can help you.

One of the more effective provisions of bankruptcy law is the “automatic stay”. Simply, when an individual files for bankruptcy the law provides that all actions are stayed or “frozen”. For example, if you are notified that your paycheck is going to be garnished for a creditor and you file for bankruptcy that garnishment will be frozen. Now, that freeze does not last forever, but it gives you the time you need to assess the situation and provide a solution. The freeze allows the individual to work together with their attorney to plan and manage. In many cases the issue that required the bankruptcy filing is addressed and satisfied.


Contact your NYBankruptcy. Our team is here to guide you through the process. We understand bankruptcy law, but more importantly we understand debt management. Whether or not filing bankruptcy is for you depends on a wide variety of factors. That we will properly advise you of your legal rights and the right course of action is assured.


Under the most recent bankruptcy laws there are numerous conditions that must be met in order to qualify for bankruptcy. There are general income restrictions as well as income versus expenses comparisons. Our professionals will help you determine whether you qualify for bankruptcy. There is no set limit of income. Each case is different just as each family is different. You may not even know the extent of your expenses until you sit down with an attorney. We understand debt management. We will guide you through the bankruptcy process.


Does this sound familiar? You walk out to your mailbox and see a letter from a collector collecting on a credit card you had to stop paying. You don’t open the letter. You know what it says inside. “Pay now” “Lawsuit” “Bank levy”. So, you throw the letter in a pile or in the trash. You think “I’ll pay it as soon as …..?????” But there really isn’t an end to that sentence. You may have lost your job. Or you lost a loved one. Or you are recently divorced? Maybe you simply miscalculated your income and now you can’t pay your bills..

That pile of paper only gets bigger. Those letters in the garbage are hauled away, but the debt stays right there. And the problems get worse.
You could get sued. You could wind up sacrificing up to 10% of your paycheck a week! Or lose your bank account! And for what? For a credit card company?

You could get sued. You could wind up sacrificing up to 10% of your paycheck a week! Or lose your bank account! And for what? For a credit card company?

To some, the most valuable of assets is peace of mind. You can have peace of mind, but it isn’t going to happen by itself.

Do not sit back and hope for the situation to correct itself. Correct the situation yourself. Our professionals can help you.