Your Fresh Start


When the banks failed they got a bailout. Most people don’t realize that they, too, are afforded a bailout by the Federal government. That bailout is called “bankruptcy”. Schedule a free debt-management consultation with our attorneys and learn whether bankruptcy is the solution to your financial problems.

You do not need to be completely “broke” to file bankruptcy. Bankruptcy may simply be the tool you need to stop the harassment from creditors. Bankruptcy may be the tool you need to discharge your financial history and begin your financial future. Bankruptcy may be your solution.

Most of us have heard of famous Reality TV personalities filing for bankruptcy. Or household name companies filing for bankruptcy. You are protected by the same laws that protect those people. Those companies are protecting themselves under bankruptcy laws.

Many of those companies are still operating today. Filing for bankruptcy did not end that company’s future. It made that future possible. Bankruptcy is the protection of shedding that debt which you cannot pay while holding onto the assets you are qualified to keep and allowing you to use your current income to build a future. During your free debt-management consultation our attorneys will explain how your future may only be a few months away.

The law requires you file taxes every year and you follow that law. The law also allows for you to file for protection if you cannot manage your debts. Why wouldn’t you avail yourself of that law? You deserve to live your life without the crushing yolk of debt and harassment. You deserve your pursuit of happiness.


Our bankruptcy attorneys are here to help you plan for your financial future. While we specialize in bankruptcy law we are here to meet your goals. After evaluating your financial position we may determine that bankruptcy is not your best solution. Your representation does not end there.

Chances are you came to our office due to overwhelming debt. We are familiar with that situation, but your story is individual. We make no assumptions. We will sit with you, listen to you and learn your situation. Immediately we will advise your creditors that you have representation. We will stop the harassment.

Your attorney will devise a plan geared specifically to you. Whether this plan includes filing for bankruptcy will depend on the best possible solution to your problems. We are here to serve you. If that requires a bankruptcy filing you may be confident that your attorney beings more than 15 years experience with him.

My Credit

If you are looking to file for bankruptcy the chances are your credit already has issues. So, if you have perfect credit then, yes, a bankruptcy filing will destroy that perfect credit score. However, if you have missed bill payments and are facing collections then a bankruptcy filing will actually improve your score. Think about it, if you eliminate all of your credit card debt then yu are the best person to lend money to. You will learn more about this from our attorneys in your free debt-management consultation.